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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Well, I haven’t done a very good job of regularly writing newsletters!  There just always seems to be something else that needs my attention.  But, July is a slow month, since many of my students are on vacation, so I finally have time to write. 

Life here at Stonecrest Farm just keeps happily rolling along.  We have several new additions to the family, most importantly our granddaughter, Mila!  She is 18 months old and has “ridden” every horse on the farm, except Marvin.  But, even scared, little Marvin is enchanted by her and comes close to have his nose petted. J  Mila riding Lucky DuckLucky Duck has claimed Mila as her own and chases the other mares away when Mila is out visiting with them in the pasture.  Lucky gets this goofy, gentle expression on her face anytime Mila is on her back.  (see photo)
We did adopt Bahjah from the U.S. Equine Rescue League, and she has turned out to be a wonderful lesson horse!  She is ever so patient, calm and sweet-tempered, and she just loves children.  What a blessing! 

Teka is another new addition.  She is a beautiful, bay, Arabian mare that we rescued in Sept. 2011.  Teka_flyingFeb2013.jpgShe isn’t part of the lesson program, but she is being leased and loved by one of my former students.  There is nothing that Teka likes better than to be groomed and snuggled and fussed over. 

Tall, blond and gorgeous, Gwen is our newest addition.  A registered, palomino Quarter Horse, Gwen is 15.1 hands high, which makes her a great size for my adult students.  Gwen.jpgI’m already using her for pre-riding lessons and hope to soon include her as a riding-lesson horse.  She had taken a few years off to raise several beautiful babies, so she is just now starting to get back in shape for riding.

Pony Parties are now a big part of Stonecrest’s activities.  I don’t know who enjoys the parties more – Don and me, or the birthday child!  It is such fun to see the expressions on the children’s faces when they pet, brush and ride the horses!  We find it an honor to often be the ones to give a child that first introduction to horses.  

We offer lots of Pony Party options besides just lead-line riding.  PaintingCammie2.jpgThe children can help the horses paint pictures, or they can paint pictures on the horse.  The tractor-drawn hayrides around the farm are always popular.  Evening parties – for children or adults – also include a hot dog cook-out (or pizza, if preferred), a bonfire for toasting marshmallows and s’mores, and glow-in-the-dark leadline rides.  In October, the children can also pick out a pumpkin and build a life-size scarecrow.  In December, they can make horseshoe Christmas decorations.   TableSetUp.jpg

We also offer specialty parties for 3 – 5 year old girls.  The Princess Unicorn Tea Party delights any birthday girl with rides on the rare and exotic black unicorn as they go in search of the elusive Meadow Fairy.  The Tutu Divine Tea Party appeals to the little ballerina who never thought that a horse might also enjoy wearing a tutu!

We’ve got lots more ideas for fun parties, also.  Let me know if you have a special request.  Hope to see you here soon at Stonecrest Farm!


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Stonecrest in the Snow - 2011

Spring Newsletter
April 2011  
Happy Spring Everyone!  It was a long, cold, miserable winter (see photo), but spring is finally here.  The horses’ hair is flying as they begin shedding their heavy, winter coats.  All sessions of grooming seem to leave the groomer with as much hair on them as is left on the horse!  Of course, the birds are making good use of that soft hair to line their nests.  We recently welcomed our annual visitors, all the way from Argentina – the barn swallows! 
Newsletter #1:  This is the first Stonecrest Farm Newsletter.  I hope to send one out at least every quarter.  So many new things are happening that a newsletter just seems necessary. 
Riding Lessons:  Due to popular demand, I am now offering basic riding lessons for beginners.  We will concentrate on learning balance, establishing a firm, independent seat, and developing light hands.  I’m working on my schedule now, so call to reserve your spot.  Cost: $40 per lesson, or save at $150 per month for 4, individual, hourly lessons - usually at one-per-week.
“Hello Horse!”  This pre-riding, lesson program is still the foundation of my teaching.  All potential riders must first learn to handle horses safely on the ground before riding lessons begin.  By learning how a horse thinks and communicates, students have a real advantage as they progress.  Cost: $25 per 45-minute lesson. 
New Horses:  Please welcome Lucky Duck and Cammie!  Lucky Duck is an adorable, Quarter Horse mare that joined us in Feb.  She is LuckyDuck.JPGtrained both English and Western and is a solid citizen for ground work. Cammie is a big, gorgeous, Paint mare who is retired from a successful dressage and jumping career.  Cammie has that mellow, been-there-done-that attitude.  Both mares are gentle, affectionate and fond of children and nervous adults ;) 
U.S. Equine Rescue League Fundraiser:  Saturday, April 9, 2011, found approximately 60 Girl Scouts here at Stonecrest Farm earning their Horsemanship Badge.  All the participation fees were donated to the USERL to help rescue and rehab abused, starved and neglected horses in central and western NC.  The Scouts learned about the breeds of horses, tack, care and feeding, grooming, the language of horses, and much more.  Emma Pony joined Lucky Duck and Cammie in providing each Scout the opportunity to groom a horse. 
Visit the USERL website at: 

The Girl Scouts begin to arrive.

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