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         Ladies, Do You Need Quietness . . . Inspiration . . . Escape?

     Moms, Do You and Your Daughter Need Some Special Girl-Time?

        Then let the beautiful mares of peaceful Stonecrest Farm lift  
          your spirits and bring you out of the frantic and mundane.

"The best thing for the inside of a woman
                                 is the outside of a horse."    
                                        Will Rogers (gently paraphrased) 

Horses are truly a gift from God; given to mankind to be a partner, workmate, and companion.  Just as with dogs, there is a natural affinity and bond between horses and humans.  We were designed to be together.

Horses are a lot like people.  They are intelligent, naturally affectionate, curious and social.  They have defined roles within their society (herd), while at the same time they have a distinct sense of self.  They have personalities, attitudes, and their moods can change as frequently and quickly as our own.  They have a wonderful sense of humor and sense of fun, but they can also be defiant and stubborn.  Unlike people, horses don't lie and they are incapable of passing judgment.  They have an amazing capacity to forgive.

It has been said that, "Horses are strong and soft, calm and driven, wild and manageable, needy and independent, brave and fearful.  Their lives are simple and direct, and by their very nature they enable and resolve the contradictions we all struggle with."  Horses can be "trusted with your truth."

The goal of The Horse Experience is to provide women with a soothing escape from their complicated, modern lives.  While The Horse Experience is not certified "Equine Assisted Psychotherapy", each time you interact with horses, their honesty, affection, and their naturally intuitive responses lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others.  Stonecrest Farm is a simple, relaxed place with happy and contented horses.  There are no deadlines to meet, no to-do lists to check off, no phones to answer and no one to impress.

By popular request, The Horse Experience has recently added Mother/Daughter sessions.  These relaxed sessions allow Mom and Daughter to spend quiet, quality time together.  The horses serve as a bridge for better communication and problem solving.  Journaling together brings fresh insights and understanding.

Sessions generally include:   
     Welcome Time
     Horse Time, such as, grooming, leading, herd and leadership dynamics, 
          problem solving, developing trust, releasing tension, stillness, etc.
     Refreshments and Sharing Time

The sessions do not include riding.  A relationship with a horse does not have to include riding to be rewarding, fulfilling and challenging.

What to wear:
     Sturdy athletic shoes or boots
     Long pants
     Comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dirty from horse kisses

What not to wear:
     Heels, sandals, canvas shoes, or any type of open shoe
     Jewelry, except for a wedding band
     Wool or fuzzy fleece - horsehair sticks to it like glue
The Horse Experience meets on selected weekends throughout the year.  Reservations are required to participate.  Spaces are limited.  Call for pricing and availability.  Contact Chris at Stonecrest Farm @ 704-753-4297, or by email @
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