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Why do you like horses?  What is there about horses that attracts you?
Would you like to understand them?  Communicate with them?  
Have a relationship with a horse? 

Horses are a lot like people.  They are intelligent, naturally affectionate, curious and social.  They have defined roles within their society (herd), while at the same time they have a distinct sense of self.  They have personalities, attitudes, and their moods can change as frequently and quickly as our own.  They have a wonderful sense of humor and sense of fun, but they can also be defiant and stubborn.  Unlike people, horses never lie and they are incapable of passing judgment.  They also have an amazing capacity to forgive.

It has been said that, "Horses are strong and soft, calm and driven, wild and manageable, needy and independent, brave and fearful.  Their lives are simple and direct, and by their very nature they enable and resolve the contradictions we all struggle with."  Horses can be "trusted with your truth."

Spoken With Grace is a program of study to help us learn how to effectively communicate with horses.  When we take the time to study their interactions with each other, we can learn how to "hear" what they are saying to us and how to talk with them in a manner that they can more easily understand.  This has the potential to build a solid relationship between us and our horse(s) that promotes trust, safety, respect, partnership and affection.  The horses will teach us alot about ourselves in the process!  Each learning session will be approximately 2 hours long with times of observation, interaction with horses, and discussions.  Journaling is encouraged.  Cost: $40 per session 

Spoken With Grace sessions are now being scheduled.  Please direct your inquiries to Chris at 704-753-4297.
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