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Are you a WannaBee, a GonnaBee, or a UsedToBee? 
The Pathway To Horse Ownership, Apprentice Program is for students to experience the joys, the heartaches, and the drudgeries of horse ownership and the ever-changing, day-to-day life on a horse farm.  These lessons help insure the success of future horse owners and the well-being of their horse(s).  So often at busy, riding-lesson barns, there is no time for anything other than riding.  The future horseowner is left with a huge gap in their knowledge of horses.  This Apprentice Program helps fill that gap! 
The weekly group sessions are divided into: 
WannaBees - children, ages 8-15, with no horse experience
GonnaBees - children, ages 8-15, with handling and riding experience (must pass a horse-handling competency test)
UsedToBees - adults with former or limited horse experience 
Each student is assigned a horse for weekly grooming, and then we focus on some aspect of horses or farm life.  The subjects of this hands-on study vary by the season and by the need.  We cover first-aid, general health, conformation, suitability to use, nutrition, tack, fencing, pasture and weed management, stall cleaning, barn safety, herd dynamics, etc.  A bi-yearly, group mission project is also included.  The weekly sessions are approximately 2-3 hours long, depending on the time of year, at a cost of $40 per session.

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