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Welcome to Stonecrest Farm and Sanctuary!  Established in 1981, Stonecrest Farm is a simple and peaceful haven for horses, and for all animals and people, located just outside of Charlotte, NC.  Owners Don and Chris Donahue grew up in the area and have ridden, owned, raised, trained and shown horses since their youth.  In the 1980’s, they began to raise elegant and rare Egyptian Arabian horses, a breed known for their delicate beauty, great intelligence, and affectionate nature.
The Donahues opened Stonecrest Farm Boarding Stable in 1994 and began accepting a few select boarders who shared their love and respect for horses.  In 2006, Chris, a former riding teacher, began "Hello Horse!”, a lesson program teaching basic horsemanship to children and adults.  This program helps to insure the safety of the future rider by giving them the skills to interact and handle horses in a respectful manner before riding lessons begin.  During this time, Chris also began working with the United States Equine Rescue League and served for 6 years as a Coordinator for North Carolina.  2011 brought the expansion of the "Hello Horse" program to include basic horseback riding lessons.

For many years, Don and Chris hosted pony parties on the farm for family and friends to celebrate a child’s birthday.  Now they have opened their farm for everyone to share the fun!  Stonecrest Farm Pony Parties are almost a weekly event with many different types of parties for children of all ages, and for adults!  Seeing the look of wonder and amazement on a child’s face as they pet and ride the pony or horse brings joy to any parent’s heart!  Celebrating a birthday or special occasion with a Pony Party at an actual horse farm produces happy smiles and lasting memories!    

As Stonecrest's talented lesson horses aged-out of the rigors of teaching new riders, the horseback riding program was dissolved in late 2017.  However, two new programs premiered in the spring of 2018; Spoken With Grace and Pathway To Horse Ownership, Apprentice Program.  Check out each page for a full description.    

Pony Parties, Horsemanship Lessons, Boarding, Apprentice Program, Horse Communication Lessons . . . browse through the website to learn more about Stonecrest Farm and Sanctuary.
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